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Punk Rock
Process Paper

Punk Rock

Web Site
Junior Division

"Revolution, Reaction, Reform"

For this years history day project we will be creating a web site that has to do with punk rock music and culture. We have come to an agreement to research punk rock music as our subject because of our enjoyment and association with this genre of music by listening and also interacting. For example; going to local concerts and supporting are favorite bands. We conducted our research for Punk Rock music by looking up punk rock history on the Internet, in magazines, the library, and in books. We started looking for information about bands on the Internet for secondary sources for our project. Then we looked at magazines for more secondary sources and when we had enough secondary sources we looked for primary sources at the Vista Branch Library. We looked in card catalogues on the computer for interviews, magazines, articles, and quotes of bands on personals thoughts about their life and band. When we found enough information and sources we started our web site. We took the information we had and divided it up for pages in our web site. Our subject relates to the theme Revolution, Reaction, Reform because Punk rock has already had all 3 of those stages. Revolution was when the first band and people started going against the grain and get their voice heard through music. Reaction is the way the world accepted and rejected punk culture. Reform is how the music kept going even though most of the world disagreed with their views and beliefs. The punk movement is still going on and getting stronger. I hope you enjoy our report.

Geoff Duran
Tony Schmitt