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Punk Rock
The Beginning

Punk Rock was founded in about the early 1970's. Through sources we are lead to believe that there are about 4 perticular bands that started the movement of what is called Punk Rock. Ramones, Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, and the New York Dolls were the bands that started the punk rock movement of the early 1970's.

The Dictators Interview


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Enter sWillie: When and where did you guys form?

Andy: New York City, 1973.

Willie: Why do you think "Go Girl Crazy" never achieved the success you guys wanted?

Andy: First off it was released in 1975. There was no Nirvana, no Ramones, no Sex Pistols, no MTV, there wasn't even a place for bands to play original music in Manhattan. There was just a vast rock and roll wasteland not at all interested in what we were doing. Second; it was a poorly recorded record. It took a leap of faith to like that record. You had to ignore the production and like what the band was singing about in order to like the band and the songs.

Willie: How long have the Dictators been reunited?

Andy: We never really broke up. The band has continued to play shows over the years.

Willie: What happened to Stu "Boy" King and Richie Teeter?

Andy: Like most ex-drummers they met a tragic demise. Richie Teeter died in a horrible gardening accident and Stu Boy passed away from cancer of the penis.

Willie: Do you hang out with the other Dictators when you don't have a show?

Andy: Like most gangs; we live by the code........I can say no more.

Willie: Do you believe you had a big impact on the making of "punk rock"?

Andy: That's not for me to decide

Willie: What did the song "Master Race Rock", off of "Go Girl Crazy", refer to?

Andy: The master race referred to were teenagers who lived the rock and roll lifestyle as described in the song.

Willie: Why do you think groups such as the Sex Pistols, Clash, and Ramones became "punk stars", while it seemed you records were not discovered until the 90's?

Andy: As I stated earlier, we made poorly recorded records. You had to work through poor production to like the songs.

Willie: What do you think of Mark Mendoza leaving you guys for Twisted Sister?

Andy: Mark left the band because it wasn't working out for him or the band. He joined Twisted Sister maybe 2 years after he left The Dictators.

Willie: What new punk/hardcore groups do you listen to (if any)?

Andy: The Hellacopters from Sweden.

Willie: What's your usual set list?

Andy: Here's the set from our last Spanish tour:

Science Gone Too Far
The Party Starts Now!
Haircut and Attitude
Who Will Save Rock and Roll?
I Am Right
Baby Let's Twist
We Ain't Got Nothin Yet
Channel Surfing
The Savage Beat
Master Race Rock
Faster and Louder
Search and Destroy
The Next Big Thing
Stay with Me

The Minnesota Strip
Two Tub Man
Sonic Reducer
Had It Coming
Willie: When happened to Murray K.[producer of Go Girl Crazy]?
Andy: He died.

Willie: It seems you last album (Bloodbrothers) was catering more toward the hard rock audience than to the punk audience, was there any reason for that?

Andy: The Dictators were never a punk band per se. We were influenced by the MC5 and The Who. Our first record was actually released long before The Ramones or The Sex Pistols. We were a combination of punk, hard rock and pop influences. I might add that all great bands include an element of punk within their music, The Rolling Stones, the Who and even The Beatles had a punk attitude.

Willie: What was the Dictators most Spinal Tap(ish) experience?

Andy: Getting mistaken for Beider-Meinhof terrorists in Germany in 1977 and having our van followed by helicopters and finally stopped by a roadblock and 50 German storm troopers.

Willie: How was playing Mubahay Gardens in SF? How did the fans like you?

Andy: San Fransisco had the best punk rock scene in America outside of NYC in 1976.

Willie: What was the reason for the first breakup?

Andy: The usual stuff.

Willie: What have the members been up to since '78?

Andy: Ross the Boss was in Manowar. Scott was in The Del-lord's. Manitoba is a bartender. I produce records and write hit songs.

Willie: What are you plans for the future? Any tours or records?

Andy: New record soon.....stay tuned

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