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Punk Rock

This web page is dedicated to teaching you about the history of the Punk Rock life style.

I hope this page is a help to you and your views.

punk rock
A form of hard-driving rock 'n' roll originating in the 1970s, characterized by harsh lyrics attacking conventional society and popular culture, and often expressing alienation and anger.

Spaz's House Destruction Party- Anti-Flag

"It's quite hypocritical when I call punk boring -- I truly theoretically like punk a lot. But after a while I realize that I'm hearing the same thing/different order over and over. I liked it the first time. But not the 10,000th. I need more than that."

LEM, 1997

Above is the definition of punk rock from the dictionary. This is wrong is some opinions and right in some. What the above statement does not express is that punk rock is also a way of life and a way that a person chooses to live going against thet grain.