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Punk Rock
The New Trend Spreads and Separates

In the late 1970's and early 1980's the punk trend spread through the United States from the Ramones on the east coast to the Dead kennidys on the west coast. Later in the mid to late 80's Punk Rock different music genres like metal and was influenced by Punk Rock music from the United Kingdom. During the early the 1990's punk transformes into a mainstream type music with music videos and television. Punk Rock began to separte into categories such as emo, pop punk, ska and hard core. Bands such as green day and Blink 182 led Punk Rock to become a mainstrem/pop culture music. These bands were some of the first to sign with a major record label and be on the top of the music charts.


This show where these two bands came from to show how far apart they are.

The bands below are the ones who led to popularity and the movement away from true Punk Rock Culture.


Blink 182

green day.gif

Green Day

Time Bomb- Rancid